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Nodance YEAR 6 event photos

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"Outpatient" Producer Gian-Carlo Scandiuzzi accepts Grand Jury
award for best feature.



Director Bob Cesca ("The War Effort") accepts Audience Award for
best feature.

"Our House" filmmakers (Bessie Morris, Greg Shields, & Sevan Matossian) accept the Grand Jury Award for best documentary.
Salma Hayek electrifies the room with her surprise presentation of the Nodance "Free Spirit" award to director Mike Figgis.

Forest Whitaker closes the Nodance awards night ceremony.

Director MIKE FIGGIS accepts the Nodance "Free Spirit" award.

Crowds gather for the Nodance competition screenings.

The Nodance "Storytelling: Unplugged" panel with moderator Chris Gore (Film Threat), director Mike Figgis ("Time Code"), Actor/Director Forest Whitaker ("Waiting To Exhale"), and Cinematographer Matty Libatique ("Requiem For A Dream").

Whitaker loosens up the Storytelling panelists...

Forest Whitaker, Mike Figgis, Salma Hayek, and Nodance Festival Director James Boyd pose for photo on the HQ balcony.


check out year 5's photos and info>>>>
>>>Nodance Year 5 archive


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