Based in Park City,Utah, the Nodance Film Festival is dedicated to first-time filmmakers and digital filmmaking. Nodance presents features, shorts, documentaries, and music videos in a seven day celebration of screenings, panels and parties. Nodance is the world's first DVD-projected film festival, and 2001 debuted the Artisan Entertainment High-Definition feature "Skeletons in the Closet" starring Treat Williams ("Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead") and Linda Hamilton ("Terminator 2").

Nodance is a founding member of the Wasatch Festival Syndicate, and co-host of the party.

The Nodance project submission deadline for Year 6, 2003, is December 15th, 2002.
CALL (310) 937-6363 for an application.

Nodance Film Festival
703 Pier Avenue #675
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254



"Storytelling Panel with Chris Gore, Gretchen McGowan, Jeff Balis, and Pete Jones."

"Storytelling Panel Moderator, Chris Gore ("

Storytelling Panelist Director Pete Jones "Stolen Summer" & HBO's "Project Greenlight"

Jeff Balis Producer "Stolen Summer" & HBO's "Project Greenlight"

Nodance filmmaker, Winnie, err, I mean Danica McKellar spots
the exit

Next Wave's Mark Stolaroff comments on the digital filmmaking panel

Blow Up Pictures' Gretchen McGowan

The struggles of the indie filmmaker...

ND5 Filmmakers give tired interviews on balcony for IFC...

John Doe from "X" plays impromptu acoustic number at the ASCAP condo.

Dan Poole accepts Golden Orbs Award for Best Guerrilla Marketing

Best Director Steve Cuden for "Lucky"


Nodance YEAR 5 Announces Award Winning Films & Celebrates Triumphant Fifth Year
(January 16th, 2002) Park City, UT… The irreverent fifth annual Nodance Film & Multimedia Festival announced the winners of the Grand Jury and Audience Awards last night at their packed house Closing Night Party on Main St.

"We're thrilled to be able to bring the digital underground to Park City," says festival director James Boyd. By providing exposure to these excellent film and digital video projects, Nodance hopes to continue its support for first-time filmmakers with limited budgets. With each film receiving multiple screenings, and the overwhelming success of our panels and parties, I'm sure we'll return next year."

This year's event was held in two theatres, one centrally located at the Main Street Mall and the newly added 120-seat digital screening room at the Treasure Mountain Inn. All features, shorts and documentaries screened multiple times in each theater. Competition films, which are all screened via DVD-projection, were eligible for the Grand Jury and Audience Awards for Best Feature, Best short and Best Documentary. Also, back by popular demand, was the highly coveted "Golden Orbs" award for the most innovative guerrilla marketing campaign on the mountain.

In addition to the screenings, Nodance also hosted two panels with guests including Film Threat Editor Chris Gore, Pete Jones, writer/director of "Stolen Summer," Jeff Balis, co-producer of "Stolen Summer," Gretchen McGowan from Blow Up Pictures, David Koh of Palm Pictures and Mark Stolaroff of Next Wave Films. The infamous Nodance "Walk On Program" at Nodance Headquarters was a resounding success, with more than 30 filmmakers holding impromptu screenings of their films.

As always, Nodance screenings were free to the public. Further information on the festival and this year's films may be found at the Web site: or by calling Guttman Associates at (310) 246.4600.

Filmgoers pack THEATER #2 for the world premiere of "Hip, Edgy, Sexy, Cool"

The results of the 2002 Nodance YEAR 5 Festival are as follows:

Grand Jury Award: Best Feature
"" directed by Raoul W. Heimreich
Presented by Entertainment

Audience Award: Best Feature

"Hip, Edgy, Sexy, Cool," directed by Robert B. Martin Jr., and Aaron Priest
Presented by Octane/Lightning Dubbs

Grand Jury Award: Best Short
"Great Balls of Fire," directed by Leon Grodski and Pearl Gluck
Presented by Entertainment

Audience Award: Best Short
"It's a Shame About Ray," directed by Ajay Sahgal
Presented by Octane/Lightning Dubbs

Grand Jury Award: Best Documentary
"What Are You Going to do for Toilet Paper," directed by Ben Thompson & John Grishin
Presented by

Audience Award: Best Documentary

"The Real Spider-Man: The Making of the Green Goblin's Last Stand" directed by Dan Poole
Presented by Film Festival Today

Best Director:
Steve Cuden, "Lucky"

Best Original Screenplay

"Down on Brighton" by writer/director Barry Shurchin

Digital Vanguard Award
Steven Sobel, "Resin"

Best Actor
Steven Sullivan, "The Last Race"

Best "DV First" Feature
"Cold Sweat," directed by Ernie Mirich

Golden Orbs Award for Best Guerrilla Marketing - TIE
Dan Poole for "The Real Spider-Man: The Making of the Green Goblin's Last Stand"

Tamara Katepoo for "Bang the Machine"Nodance Film Festival - YEAR 5 - Park City 2002

MC Will "the Thrill" Hartman...

Benicio Del Toro exits the Nodance lounge...

Robert B. Martin Jr. wins Audience Award for "Hip, Edgy, Sexy, Cool"

Filmmaker Ben Thompson accepts Grand Jury award for Best Documentary

Julliette Lewis dons Nodance beanie while hangin' on our balcony......

Super cool John Leguizamo poses with Nodance filmmakers (The Canter Bros) at HQ.

Steve Sobel accepts award for his Dogme film "Resin"

Filmmaker Tamara Katepoo (BANG THE MACHINE) delivers the goods

Director Danny Passman for short film "The Newman Shower"

Writer/Director Barry Shurchin accepts best screenwriting award for "Down On Brighton"

Filmmaker Ernie Meritch accepts Best "DV First" feature award for "Cold Sweat"

ND5 opening Night party at the Nodance HQ



Nodance filmmaker alumnus Tyler Spangler (KILLING TIME)

ND5 Intern staff accepting award for "best freakin' crew"


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Wednesday May 29th, 2002
9:00 - 11:30 pm

Club Moomba in Hollywood
665 N. Robertson - (310)652-6364

9:15 - "Great Balls of Fire" - 6 min - DV - (dir. Leon Grodski & Pearl Gluck) - ND5 Grand Jury Award

9:20 - "Gamblin" - 16 min - DV -  (dir. Wayne Orkline)

9:40 - "Walk" - 6 min - Animation - (dir. Jeff Drew)

9:45 - "Refrigerator Art"
- 2 min - Animation - (dir. Mike Dougherty)

9:50 - "Welcome to Purgatory" - 9 min - Animation - (dir. Jay Barba & Brian Farrelly)

10:00 - "It's a Shame About Ray" - 30 min - DV - (dir. Ajay Sahgal) - ND5 Audience Award

10:30 - "Urban Chaos Theory" - 20 min - 35mm film - (dir. Daniel Harris) - ND4 Audience Award

11:00 - "A Clockwork Maury" - 15 min - 16mm film - (dir. Bob Leddy) - ND3 Audience Award

11:15 - "Jack and Jill" - 15 min - 35mm film - (dir. Sheri Hellard) - ND3

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